Collaboration with BMW

The combined strengths of O’Gara in electronic systems integration and an understanding of your needs, with BMW's total platform knowledge and support, results in a discreet user-friendly system that ensures performance and reliability.

Electronics Integration
Pre-wired and Pre-Engineered for
Carry-on Tactical Equipment
Voice and Data Communications
(HF, VHF, UHF, SatCom, Cellular)
Integrated Cabin Control Systems

Benefits of collaboration with BMW

Performance and reliability
Uncompromised driving dynamics–world class handling and braking
Global BMW service warranty
Left or right side drive
100,000 (plus) mile operational life
Lowest lifecycle costs


Sophisticated electronics systems cannot simply be plugged into commercial vehicles. Electronics are to be designed in for seamless capability.

Power management
Primary power, ancillary power and reserve power when you need it
12 and 24 volts available

Discreet antenna solution
RF jamming
Satellite tracking
GPS tracking

Equipment packaging
Pre-engineered mounts
Discreet placement
Integrated cabin control systems
Pre-engineeered cooling systems


Maintains a discreet OEM appearance.